Overhaul your alternative transportation and cruise Rochester in sustainable style!

Freewheelers can totally re-furbish your bike for $189 plus parts. We’ll inspect, clean, lubricate, and repair or replace parts for everything from seatpost to shift systems, making sure your alternative ride is at least as good as new! Extra charges may be necessary for bikes that are neglected, old and or rusty; conversely as well, some of our standard procedures may not be needed, and then, at our discretion, we will either charge less or perform procedures not included in this list that are needed (for neglected bikes).  A Freewheelers overhaul typically includes the following:

Vintage italian bicycle


We start with the seatpost and tube, smoothing and lubricating them thoroughly and then reinstalling and tightening.


Then, we remove and disassemble the wheels down to the hubs, inspecting, cleaning, lubricating, and of course repairing or replacing where necessary. We make sure everything is in good working order, down to the axle nuts and the spoke nipples at the rims.

Shift Systems

We can’t forget the shift systems! Everything is removed, checked, cleaned, lubricated, reattached and realigned, with worn or broken parts replaced so that you can be sure your bike will run like new when we give it back.

Headset & Handlebars

The steering system follows suit. We’ll take off your handlebars and stem, take apart the steering bearing set, remove the fork, and, as with everything else, clean, inspect, lubricate, replace or repair, and reinstall, making sure everything is properly adjusted and tightened down.


After the headset and handlebars come the brakes. We check the mounting, adjust the pivot and height, align and tighten the levers, lubricate inner mechanisms, replace worn parts, and reset clearance.

Final Checks

Last but not least, we run our final checks, making sure that all the adjustments we’ve made hold up under use. Once we’re satisfied, the bike goes back in your hands so you can get back to the joy of the road!
Lubricating bike chain
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