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Welcome to Rochester’s most user-friendly source for new bicycles and service!

At Freewheelers, we’re devoted to riding for fun and to commuting/alternative transportation. We sell bikes from Fuji, Breezer, Sun and SE Racing, and sell children’s bikes too! All new bikes that we sell are taken apart, inspected thoroughly and then put back together the right way; factory assembly is not good enough. All buyers of new bikes receive free tune-ups for life. Open Weekdays from 11- 6, Saturdays from 10 - 4.
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Why Shop at Freewheelers, Rochester’s Best Bicycle Repair Professional?
Well, first of all, free tune-ups for life for all new bikes purchased at Freewheelers. If that doesn’t pique your interest, well, just read on. We love bikes, we love our customers, and it shows.


Check out our competitive prices on all manner of services and service packages. All prices are for bikes in normal running condition. We may not be able to work on bikes that are abused or are rusted. We may have to charge more sometimes. Often we can charge less. 


Freewheelers can totally re-furbish your bike for $189 plus parts. We’ll inspect, clean, lubricate, and repair or replace parts for everything from seatpost to shift systems, making sure your alternative ride is at least as good as new! 

The friendliest bike shop in town!

When you visit Freewheelers Bicycle Shop feel free to bring the whole family—and your pets, too. The children’s clubhouse is in one of our two dressing rooms. The kids love to hide there while the parents chat with me. And it contains a TREASURE BASKET from which all are invited to select one free gift. Also, I maintain a huge bag of dog biscuits and a large bowl for drinking, so remember not to leave the pooch in the car…or the ferret, cat, bird, lizard or miniature horse.
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