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Why Shop at Freewheelers, Rochester’s Best Bicycle Repair Professional?

Well, first of all, free tune-ups for life for all new bikes purchased at Freewheelers. If that doesn’t pique your interest, well, just read on. We love bikes, we love our customers, and it shows!

Servicing bike

Better Built Bikes

Because bicycles are pre assembled in the factory in Asia, shops can quickly build lots of bikes. However, bike that are done this way have no lubrication on any of the fasteners and very little grease inside to protect the valuable components. That is why Freewheelers takes all of the factory work apart and inspect and rebuild it with better ball bearings and better grease. This makes it run smoother and resistant to wear.

Best Bike Side Banter

Roger levy owner
From City Newspaper’s Critics Choice awards:
After decades on Culver Road, Freewheelers bicycle shop moved to 1757 Mt. Hope Avenue a few years back. But the relocation hasn’t changed owner-mechanic Roger Levy’s style. Waist-deep among beautiful machines and accessories, Levy and customers share actual conversations. It’s like the mythic barbershop, or other small businesses whose stock in trade includes character and tradition: There are comments on the news, dreams about sane transportation policy, or debates on the technical merits of assorted bike parts. And on warm days, the action centers on Levy’s outdoor workstand and toolbox, clearly visible from the mad rush on the street.”
—Jack Bradigan-Spula

Become one of our many satisfied customers

Roger levy
“Freewheelers is a terrific local bike shop i have been shopping at for over 30 years. My family has purchased 3 bikes and one trailer bike here over the years. Roger Levy exemplifies the best that a sole proprietorship has to offer and is a true craftsman at his trade. He has a real connection with the community and caters to cyclists of all skill levels and interests. Any bike is better when it has been built or overhauled by Roger."-Scott Nungesser

"I greatly value time working with my hands; both what I learned from being with my father, and from the physical work itself. I learned a lot about quality, one word that really describes Roger Levy and the work he does at Freewheelers. The man just oozes quality, care, and gentleness. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance springs to mind, a book that weaves together philosophy and memoir, and reminds me of Roger’s willingness to share some of his great story, and to listen to yours. Excellent bikes and tuneups are a great bonus!” —Blair Hornbuckle
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